5 Best Places to Drink Wine in London

Served tableIf you enjoy a nice glass of wine after a long day at work or are looking for somewhere to hang out with friends of a weekend, we take a look at the best places in London to drink wine.

If you are tired of cocktails and what something a little more classy than a beer after work, check out our top 5 London wine bars that we think you will love.

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The Main Differences Between Red Wine and White Wine

Glasses corksBoth red and white wine come from grapes so they cannot be that different, can they? This may be what you are thinking about wine and, to some extent, you are right, but just as there are many similarities between red and white wine there are also noticeable differences. We look at the main differences between red and white wine here.

Both wines comprise of alcohol, tannins, acidity and glycerin and it is the varying levels of these factors that give us differences between red and white wine, as well as how they are made.

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